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Krithia – Lagkadas
P/C 57200 Thessaloniki Greece
Tel Number: +30 23940 54551-2
Fax: +30 23940 54553


Hatziagorou meat A.E.B.E.K company has been operating on meat production. It has developed three categories of meat products satisfying every need of the modern Greek market, specifically emphasizing on the traditional products but always with wide perspectives related to the new tastes.

Target of our company is the production of high quality meat products able to satisfy each customer’s demands and needs.

The continuously increased needs of the modern meat market led us to the modernization of our unit as also to the inauguration of a distribution section – pioneer for the Greek standards, shooting at the direct service of the customers, institution of strict distribution rules and best processing quality.

Hatziagorou meat A.E.B.E.K. company can dispose only products that correspond to the strict ,international terms of hygiene