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Krithia – Lagkadas
P/C 57200 Thessaloniki Greece
Tel Number: +30 23940 54551-2
Fax: +30 23940 54553

For 40 years in Hatziagorou meat A.E.B.E.K. Company, we pay attention to the traditional taste and finest quality. Our modern facilities and methods of slaughter and processing of meat follow the international family of standard ISO 22000.
Respecting the consumer, we offer a wide range of fresh and semi- prepared (grill food) products from beef, pork and chicken meat accommodating all your gustative demands. The very reasonable prices, the high quality, the direct service and the wide network of distribution make us capable of serving directly and efficiently butcher’s shops, supermarkets and snack bars.
By choosing Hatziagorou products you can be absolutely certain that you offer to your customers meat of the finest quality and high nutritional value at the best price of the market.